Casino Resort Digital Marketing Strategy Example

This deck is in no way endorsed or connected to the Palms Casino Resort. It is part of an ongoing series of exercises that I like to do to share how my talent and experience might be applied to different situations.

The following slides are designed to provide a strategic overview of how we can leverage integrated digital strategies to help the client address their revenue concern. As such, I have included both short term tactics to immediately increase awareness and support demand creation (Display, Paid Search) as well as mid (Sponsored Content, Re-Targeting) and Long (Sponsored Content).

My objective here is to create a program that can be executed in a “rinse, wash, and repeat” fashion where various tactics feed into each other but ultimately lead back to the core objective of increasing bookings and foot traffic to the Palms Casino Resort. Additionally, with attention paid to mobile tactics like Geo-Fencing and Mobile Optimization during the CRO phase we will refine the Palms ability to reach people through their mobile devices and ultimately use that platform to reach a younger, more tech savvy, potentially more affluent audience. This is an audience that is also more likely to share the great experiences they have at the Palms via social media (further supporting the awareness phase).


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