James Hills Loves Social Media

The other day, one of my friends asked me, "James, why do you love social media so much?" It struck me as a sort of obvious question - after all, I love to communicate and share ideas. It got me thinking though about the aspects of my live that I enjoy and how "social media" fit into those.

At its core, the world of social media isn't really that much different than a big park to hand out in. There are good people, bad people, interesting people that you don't know yet, and probably old friends with new ideas. All things like Facebook, twitter, FourSquare, and of course the myriad of Ning networks are is technology. These technologies help me to be more efficient in doing the things that I love to do anyhow!

Learning New Things

Almost no matter what topic you might be interested in from tech support to where the best public restrooms in Chicago are located has someone dedicated to sharing their knowledge. Even better is that if I find a niche that doesn't exist, I can share my experience or post a message in a forum, on twitter, or somewhere else and the answer will come to me!

While not all answers are 100% accurate, it is thrilling to know that minds from around the world are starting to connect and I don't have to go any further than my phone to reach them!

Exploring New Experiences

Am I looking for a group of people interested in going skydiving or chat with a guy in Tokyo? It really doesn't matter. All I need to do is visit social media sites like Meetup.com, craigslist.org, or even Chatroulette and start exploring, meeting other people, and creating shared experiences.

Helping Other People

I am a sucker for helping other people. Whether it is as a pro bono consultant, a friendly face at a business networking event, or as a volunteer with a local non-profit. In the social media world, I can help people by answering questions online with Yahoo Answers, or by creating a blog like Man Tripping.

Sharing Thoughts and Ideas

This is really what social media is all about  - Sharing Ideas! It doesn't matter if they are good ideas, bad ideas, or even ideas that haven't been accepted yet, there is a place for virtually any and all thoughts, ideas, concepts, and inventions in the world of social media.

In the "real world" these ideas are sometimes bottled up, forgotten, lost, or hidden for a variety of reasons. With social media, you can share your thoughts a Kenmore washing machine you see at the store, your support for a favorite sports team as you watch them enter the final innings, as well as larger and more complex thoughts and ideas such as why guns should be controlled or taxes reduced.

In theory, you will find someone who is passionate about the same ideas you are and these thoughts and ideas will be the beginning of a conversation.

These are just some of the reasons why I love social media!


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