About James Hills

I am a passionate communicator, a social media evangelist, and an entrepreneur who loves to give back to his community.

Perhaps it is the fact that I moved around as I as growing up or maybe it was simply that my parents instilled the value of trying new things, but I attribute those factors for the reason why as an adult, I have a passion for learning, sharing, and promoting things that I think others would appreciate.

Luckily for me, I was born at just the right time to grow-up in a connected world where one's social boundaries are virtually limitless. This is the world I live in and the world that I have worked in for the past 10 years. A world where companies and organizations are no longer limited by what others consider important!


My career started as a communicator. As the resident AV geek at a small high school near Boston, I was responsible for producing a number of cable television shows, and producing coverage of local government events such as town meetings as well as weekly board meetings.

In college, I got hooked on video games, but quickly discovered that I was not a programmer or an artist, but I excelled at sharing the story with fan sites, magazines, and other developers. This led me to realize that my calling was as a communicator and more specifically as someone who could tell a story that would get people excited.

Social Media Evangelist!

As time went on and as "fan sites" became blogs and social networks, my passion for telling stories expanded along with the technology. I started my first blog in th late 1990's while working for a software company in New York. Several years later, in 2001 while working for washingtonpost.com I had the priviledge to participate in the early days of media blogs and online chats with fans of the EPpy award-winning Entertainment Guide.

Today, I manage multiple blogs and have consulted with more than 20 different organizations on how they can best take advantage of social media. More importantly, how they can take their existing content (journal articles, lecture notes, advertisements etc.) and leverage those to get added exposure by using social media tactics. Learn more on my Social Media Portfolio.


At an early age compared to many, I decided to take the plunge and start my own PR and Internet Marketing company. This experience allowed me to grow personally, grow professionally, and gain "sink or swim" experience in how a business operates, interacts with customers, and is perceived by the community.

I also learned that one of the best ways to market my business was through networking with people and leveraging their networks to become the "go-to-guy" whenever someone needed a website or to spread the word about a product. This meshed well with my passion for technology and has allowed me to leverage my social networking skills to use online social networks effectively.

Social Marketing Strategist!

To many people, "social" media is a check-box to fill by "pushing it out on Facebook". That (unfortunately) is why many organizations fail at social media. While I shared that I have a passion for being a "social media evangelist", it is no longer good enough to simply have passion. You have to have the ability to execute programs in a strategic way. I understand how to do that and build plans that are integrated with other social media channels as well as traditional marketing.

Good Citizen!

It isn't enough for a business to just make money, it is also essential that the business and its associates are a good member of society. That's why I am very active in the Elgin Area Chamber, the Boys & Girls Club of Elgin, the American Diabetes Association, and the Elgin Symphony Orchestra. I am also a pro-bono consultant for the Taproot Foundation.


Contact James Hills

email: james@aboutjameshills.com

phone: 630-779-9302

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