These endorsements and recomendations are just a few highlights from my Linkedin profile.

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Jennifer Toffanelli, Director, Social Media & Digital Marketing at Sears

I worked with James at Sears Holdings and we shared the same passion; social media as a real channel to market, connect and grow. James does a terrific job of bringing all three of those characteristics to life in each job he tackled. James lives social media and it shows. 

Jaimie Kowalski, Marketing Director - Client Partners at Sears

There is not a day that goes by where James does not have a positive attitude and a smile on his face. We have worked on many high profile projects together that require extremely quick turn around; instead of complaining, James rolls up his sleeves and provides out of the box recommendations to achieve overall business needs. He is an asset for all teams he works with throughout our company.

Zack Wright, Social Media Moderator at Sears (reported to me)

Working for James is an absolute pleasure. Not only is he easy to get along with and share ideas with, but he is able to creatively integrate those ideas into existing marketing campaigns. James is a caring, smart and hard working man who has made my job here at Sears a pleasure while working under him.

Carla Riseman, Social Media Marketing Manager at Sears (teammate)

When I first worked with James, we were on separate teams. He was a pleasure to work with--collaborative, knowledgeable and diligent. When James joined the team I was on at Sears, I got to see in more detail the breadth of his experience and knowledge base. His understanding of the core principles of marketing is enviable. He is able to integrate these core principles with current technologies and platforms to create and lead successful social media marketing campaigns time after time. Every James Hills-led social media marketing initiative was based on sound marketing principles that were tied to specific team objectives. In my book, this is the recipe for successful social media marketing. I'd recommend James for a leadership role on any social media team.

Philip Nowak, Social Media Marketing Manager at Sears (teammate)

Go Big or Go Home! That's the best way to sum up James's philosophy on projects, events, strategy or entrepreneurial endeavors. Why waste time on something that barely registers a ripple when you can generate a giant wave of positive attention and engagement with customers, the media and simultaneously gain thought-leader status over your competitors. One of my favorite things to do when I used to work with James, and even now when we catch up, is to brainstorm and share insight. He's always focused on what's going to garner the most attention, in the shortest amount of time, while generating the most revenue, which is still an afterthought for many in the social media space.

Courtney Pearson, Sears Affiliate Marketing Manager 

James and I have worked to launch a Blogger Affiliate Network at Sears Holdings. James comes to the table with innovative ideas and can back them up with his ability to see them through. In the social world, half of the battle is to actually execute the big ideas and James can do that and more. I enjoy working with James and can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

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