Organizing Your Social Media Footprint with and FriendFeed

mapWe are blessed today with a variety of tools to share our interests and suggest interesting things to our friends and followers. We are also blessed with even more venues to share those interests. Unfortunately, sometimes this just makes everything a giant mess.

Two tools that I love working with to organize my social footprint are and FriendFeed - think of them somewhat as mirror images of the other. is great for broadcasting updates to all the social networks where you might have friends or potential customers. FriendFeed is great to collect all the in-bound opportunities to share things such as Yelp reviews, stumbleupon sites, bookmarks, or blog posts. The list can go on almost forever.

By linking the two together, along with, my personal twitter account, and the feed from this blog, I am able to reach all of my favorite social networks, as well as provide those who follow me on twitter a constant stream of all the social media content that I interact with on a daily basis.



Your Social Media Map may differ from mine, but the premise is the same. The important thing is to organize the media that you interact with the most as part of FriendFeed, and the sites you simply want to update as part of

While I have it currently setup to automatically suck anything I publish on this blog into and then post it to FriendFeed, you can also interact directly with itself. It supports a variety of different interface options, including mobile updates, 3rd party tools such as hootsuite, twitterfeed, and others. It also allows you to send updates through its web interface directly.

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