Social Media Strategy - Not Just about Technology

As organizations large and small struggle with the question of how to implement a social marketing strategy it seems that many perceive it as an issue of technology and not communications. Without a doubt, knowledge and comfort with technology is essential. However, the process of social media optimization is simply applying technology to the process of group communication. Because of this, an organization shouldn't just pick a geek who is "good with computers". Nor should the organization relegate the role of social media manager to an intern fresh out of college with little real-world life experience.

Instead, social media optimization should be led by someone who can demonstrate a solid ability to communicate your message effectively in a variety of situations. This includes face-to-face networking as well as through social networks like Facebook and twitter.

It isn't good enough to simply be a collector of friends and followers. That can be accomplished by a mechanical process similar to "grinding" in an online game. Instead, your social media strategy should be led by someone able to have a conversation with a variety of different people with diverse interests and needs. Additionally, this person needs to know who to target and isolate messages that will provide opportunities to engage your audience.

By selecting someone who is adept at communicating socially, a brand accomplishes three key goals.

First, they guarantee that regardless of platform that at its core, the communications effort will be able to engage your audience - not just "market to them".

Second, because the emphasis is on communications ability, rather than any one technology, you have the ability to create a strategy based on message, not just channels. This is essential because social media technology (unlike most other mediums) changes almost daily.

Third, chances are that someone who is social generally will also be social in their field. This in theory will allow your organization's social media strategist to stay at the forefront of changes in technology as well as social communication theory.

Ideally though, you will be able to find someone who is adept at technology as well as social communication, who also understands how social media can fit into your organization's general marketing strategy.


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